Under Eye Circles Treatment For Hyperpigmentation

A treatment for hyperpigmentation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a for a dark circles under eyes treatment, but if hyperpigmentation (uneven, dark skin patches) is the cause, topical bleaching agents such as hydroquinone may be the solution.

Some people are genetically prone to dark patches of skin under their eyes, or elsewhere on their face, while in other cases the hyperpigmentation may be excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes or age.

Hydroquinone creams (available as a 2% cream from the pharmacy and 4% cream from some doctors’ offices) are a suitable treatment for hyperpigmentation that is not caused by hormonal activity. They bleach the skin by decreasing the rate at which melanin is produced. Dark patches should fade gradually over a few weeks until they are far less noticeable. Because the skin under the eyes is so thin and delicate, it is important to apply the cream carefully. Most over the counter bleaching agents should not be used on this fragile part of the face. If hydroquinone does not have any bleaching effect on your under eye circles after three months, you should stop using it.

Product to Try
Ambi Skincare Fade CreamAmbi Skincare Fade Cream gets very good customer reviews online and is a 2% hydroquinone cream that customers have found very effective on dark under eye circles and other spots of hyperpigmentation on the face. It is available in two formulations for normal or oily skin.

extract from customer review:-

“Been using Ambi for one month, three to four times per day…has faded my UNDER EYE DARK CIRCLES and huge dark spots on either side of my face by at least seventy five percent in this short amount of time. I am not doomed to wear makeup..HALLELUJAH!!Can u believe it…it works on dark circles.”

Make Treatment For Hyperpigmentation More Effective

sunglasses protect your eyesYou can take steps to increase the effectiveness of this treatment. Keep out of the sun altogether, and wear a cap, sunglasses and at least SPF15 sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. Avoid using sunlamps or tanning salons. Make sure you follow the exact manufacturer’s directions for use, and do not over-use the cream. When you have lightened your skin to the desired level, use the product only as and when required to maintain the results.

Before you apply the cream, wash and pat dry the skin. Carry out a skin sensitivity test by dabbing a very small amount of cream under one of the eyes. Wait for 24 hours to make sure no itching, redness or other reaction has occurred. Apply a thin layer of cream twice per day to the dark circles, rubbing it gently into the skin until it is completely absorbed.

Some side effects should be expected, however most of them are only minor and temporary skin irritations such as itching, mild stinging and reddening. Keep an eye on any side effects and if they worsen or do not subside, stop using the cream until you get medical advice. Never use this product when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

As well as treating dark shadows under the eyes, topical bleaching agents can be used as a treatment for hyperpigmentation to lighten other areas of darkened skin, such as freckles, chloasma (also known as melasma), age spots and acne scars.

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