Top Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Many people suffer from sensitive eyes, with symptoms such as redness, itching and dryness which can be the result of natural eye conditions or environmental factors such as contact lenses and make up.

There are many options open to people with sensitive skin, ranging from sensitive make up ranges to cleansing techniques and by adapting your daily skincare routine to suit your sensitive eyes and skin, you can enjoy irritation-free vision all day long.

Don’t be lazy!

Always remember to remove your eye make up at the end of the day as the longer you wear it, the more likely it is to cause irritation. By choosing a sensitive eye makeup remover, it is easier to remove makeup without irritation. Look out for alcohol-free products as they are less harsh on sensitive skin. Try soaking the fluid into a cotton wool pad, and gently leaving on the eyelid to soften and loosen mascara and eyeliner before gently dabbing across the top of the lids. This will also prevent unsightly panda eyes in the morning…

removing makeup

It is important to remove all makeup – especially eye makeup, before bed!

During the day, our faces have to contend with a build up of dirt and grime, meaning it is essential to keep the skin and eyes clean. If using a cleansing wash, be careful not to get any into the eyes and if using an exfoliating wash, only use once a week as they can cause unwanted dryness. Be particularly gentle around the delicate eye area.

However, lotions or gels are preferable when removing make up from sensitive areas. Cleansing wipes are often a quick and easy option but as they are soaked with less cleansing fluid, they require more vigorous rubbing. This in turn, may cause eye irritation.

Always follow cleansing with a gentle moisturiser, massaging in gentle upward strokes. A light, water-based moisturiser is ideal for the delicate eye area and will help to prevent any unwanted dryness.

Time for a clean out…

Old mascara wands and dirty brushes can be ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, which is then transferred to your eyes during make up application. Mascaras should be replaced regularly (roughly every 3 months) to keep eyes bacteria-free and sponges and brushes should be washed with warm soapy water. Try spending a day washing out your old eye shadow brushes to remove old glitters and shadows.

makeup for sensitive eyes

Choose your brands carefully

Skincare brands such as Simple, Prescriptive and Cleure are dedicated to providing skincare for people with sensitive skin. Eye shadows often contain a high pigment content (zinc oxide and titanium oxide) for maximum colour intensity and endurance, which can cause irritation for sensitive eyes. However, most brands available today contain hypo-allergenic ingredients, meaning they are suitable for sensitive skin.

Protect peepers in the sunshine

good sunglasses

For your daily skin routine, it’s important to consider sun protection. Eyes are particularly delicate, so it is important to choose a sun cream with SPF 15 or higher, combined with a pair of 100% UV protective sunglasses.

Some foundations, such as Boots No7 range contain an SPF, so you can achieve full makeup coverage with additional sun protection. Alternatively, sun protection lotions specifically designed for the face tend to be lighter, so your face won’t feel too greasy.

Apply with care

applying mascara

Take care when choosing eye makeup – for example, waterproof mascara can cause problems for sensitive eyes.

When choosing colours as an eye shadow base, choose powders rather than creams, as creams are more likely to crease and run into the eyes. A great oil-free eye primer should help shadows last without repeat applications.

Be careful if applying liquid eyeliner, as the pointed tip can make eyes vulnerable to the dark fluid. Pencils are preferable, but ensure they are regularly sharpened to protect eyes from ragged pencil ends.

Avoid waterproof mascara because it is more difficult to remove with makeup removing fluid, which can mean cleansing will cause irritation.

Finally, try going make up free for a few days! Experiment with the power of bright lipstick or perky pink blusher to grab attention away from the eyes. Eyelash curlers and lash combs can recreate the effects of a great curling mascara by opening up the eyes, all without makeup.

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