Tips and Tricks to Remove Eye Makeup

The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive and nothing harms it more than a careless and rigorous make up removal routine. Puffy eyes, eye infections and premature wrinkle lines are some of the harmful effects of irresponsible make up removal techniques. While the majority among us love to apply makeup on our eyes, when it comes to its removal, either we get too lazy and sleep with make up on, or negligently wipe it off with strong soap, thus harming the delicate eye area.

tips for removing eye makeup

Removing eye makeup before sleeping at night is one of the most important and easy procedures if we use the right products. So, to help you with the information you need on the correct make removal techniques, here is our list of the best makeup removal products with directions for their application.

Best Eye Makeup Removal Products

  • VaselineThis product is low on cost and high on effectiveness. It is 100 percent petroleum jelly which apart from moisturizing your dry skin and lips, effectively and easily removes your eye makeup. Apply and spread a small amount of Vaseline around your eyes and then using a warm cloth, gently wipe it off. The make up sticks to the jelly and thus comes off with it. In addition, Vaseline can also be used to remove the glue used to stick false eye lashes. Apply it on the glue, leave it for 2-3 min and gently remove the lashes.
  • Olive oil: This is an excellent natural product which effectively and completely removes eye makeup. Dip a small cotton ball in olive oil and gently apply it on the makeup. Then take a clean cloth and gently wipe off the olive oil. It is another effective product that easily and effortlessly removes eyelash glue.
  • Cleansing creams: Though cleansers are generally used to clean and moisturize the skin, they can effectively remove the eye makeup as well. Use a cotton ball and gently wipe the makeup with the cleanser. Along with moisturizing your skin, it would effectively remove the makeup. A precaution here, wipe with soft hands as rigorous cleansing may harm your eye lashes and even pull them off.
  •  Makeup removing WipesYou can buy any of such wipes from a nearby cosmetic store. It does not require water or cloth. Simply use these wipes and they would effectively remove your eye or face makeup. Though they are a bit costlier than the natural products, but despite of that, they can be really useful especially while traveling.

  • Baby oil or shampoo: If your skin is overtly sensitive, then a baby shampoo is the best make up removal product for you. Apply and rub a small amount of it on and around your eye makeup and massage until lather forms. Then take a wet cloth and gently wipe it off. The advantage of using this shampoo is that even if it enters in your eyes, they would not be watery and irritated. Baby shampoos are readily available in stores and are cheaper than chemical removal products.
  • Cold creams: Though it is not the best of the solutions, it is far better than rubbing your eyes with soap. Apply it on the makeup and gently massage it until you find your make up blending with it. Than take a cloth and wipe it off. A trick here: you can use any anti aging cream like anti wrinkle cream while removing the make up at night. It would not just effectively remove the makeup but would tighten your skin, thus giving you fresh looking eyes on next morning.

More Tips on Safe and Effective Eye Makeup Removal

Some Points to Remember When Removing Your Eye Makeup

  • Avoid using same cotton ball on both eyes as you might be having an infection in one eye and it can get transferred over to the other.
  •  Do not wipe off the make up harshly, use soft hands and be patient.
  • If using a chemical remover, go through its list of ingredients as it might contain strong chemicals which can harm your sensitive eye area.

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