Tear Trough Under Eye Fillers

Tear trough rejuvenation (so-called because under eye shadows are sometimes referred to as “tear troughs”) using under eye fillers is a relatively affordable procedure, which is not only much quicker and safer than surgery, but also considered by many to be more effective. If you have dark circles or hollows under your lower eyelids, you may be interested in this non-surgical treatment which has become popular over the past few years.

Many people, including children, suffer from dark circles, but it is a particularly common problem in middle-aged women. The delicate skin underneath the eyes grows thinner as people age.

This, combined with the weakening of the orbital septum and a loss of soft tissue volume in the cheek, leads to those unwanted dark shadows. Under eye fillers such as Restylane, (hyaluronic acid) are effective and long-lasting when used to treat this problem.

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under eye fillers

Under eye fillers, before and after images from cosmeticsurgerytoday.co.uk

The treatment procedure is straightforward: the surgeon injects Restylane into the hollows under the eyes. There is no need for anesthetic as local anesthetic is mixed with the Restylane; all the patient should feel is a tiny prick and some minor discomfort as this mixture is injected into the area and rubbed in. The entire process should take no longer than 10-15 minutes, making it ideal for women with busy lives who don’t have time to take hours out of their schedule for surgery.

As with all filler treatments, some side effects are to be expected, but these should be minor and temporary. Most patients report nothing more unpleasant than a little bruising and lumpiness. Any small lumps can be molded by the patient herself, as the Restylane is still moldable for several weeks after the procedure.

It is possible for one eye to look more bruised than the other, but this should correct itself within a few days. Bruising can be treated with cold compresses and disguised with make up, meaning nobody need ever know about the procedure.

Surgeon demonstrates the procedure of using under eye fillers

Naturally, results with under eye fillers will vary depending on each person’s skin tone, condition and the severity of their tear troughs. If you are looking for dramatic results, this treatment may not be for you. The vast majority of patients, however, are very satisfied with the results, stating that friends and colleagues comment on how “fresh” and “well” they look.

You should expect to pay up to £1,000 ($1500 US) for tear trough rejuvenation, depending on the surgeon. The under eye fillers will dissolve over time, so the effects are not permanent, but most people find that they do not need to repeat the procedure for 12-18 months.

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