Sparkling Eyes, Tips For Party Eyes That Sparkle

With the Christmas party season fast approaching – and then, of course, there will be New Year – girls are thinking about what to wear but may be neglecting their greatest asset, sparkling eyes!

In the winter time with cold weather outside, winds dry the skin of the face and especially the under eye area. In addition, sitting in our centrally heated offices looking at computer screens and living under artificial light for most of the time can take a big toll on our skin. This is especially true of the delicate skin around our eyes and can dry our eyes too, making them look dull and lifeless. Take care of your best assets by keeping the skin around them properly hydrated with a good quality eye cream.

However, it is definitely the case that a ‘pair of sparkling eyes’ as the old song says, can be the thing about you that creates the biggest impression. Follow our simple tips to get your eyes sparkling again and looking fabulous for the party season – and all year round!

Sparkling Eye Drops

sparkling eyesOne of the best products for an ‘instant fix’ is Optrex Eyedew, these are sparkling eye drops that turn your tired eyes into sparkly, bright eyes almost instantly!

For party time, Optrex have invented their Eyedew Dazzling product which contains an ingredient that makes the whites of your eyes look beautifully white.

This really brightens your look and has a wonderfully lifting effect on your appearance and creates a wide-awake look!

Maybe this is not something you would want to wear frequently, just for special occasions.

So with this in mind, Optrex also have their Eyedew Sparkling product that can be used regularly (although Optrex recommend that you do not use them every day), to restore your natural sparkle for a clear, bright and beautiful look.

Both these products can be used whatever your eye colour and are easy to apply following the step by step instructions with the pack. Top Tip: If you wear contact lenses, do not try to use the drops with your lenses in. If you want to use them before putting your contacts in, wait fifteen minutes after using the drops before you do so.

Get sparkling eyes with the right eye makeup

The video below shows you how to accentuate and brighten your eyes. Use a very light application of a cream shimmer as an eyeliner. This will really reflect light. Then follow the tips for applying a shimmering eyeshadow to complete the look!

Refresh Tired Eyes
One really simple thing you can do to refresh tired eyes when you have been working, perhaps at your computer for hours at a time, is to do as follows:-

  • Warm your hands by rubbing them together for a moment.
  • Place the palms of your hands, gently over your closed eyes.
  • Rest with your hands in this position for a couple of minutes.
  • Remove your hands and your eyes will feel rested and less tired.

Get sparkling eyes by adding these simple steps to your daily routine:

  • party eyesKeep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This will help to keep your eyes hydrated too.
  • The old wives tale that carrots can help you see in the dark is not really true (surprisingly) – however, there is more than a grain of truth in the saying because carrots contain Vitamin A that is really good for your eyes.
  • During the winter months, try to give your eyes a break from the drying effects of the central heating system. Turn the thermostat down if you can, protect your eyes from drying out. If they do feel dry, you could try a dry-eye spray which will soothe them and stop you from rubbing them if they feel irritated.
  • Take regular, frequent breaks from your computer, a screen shield to reduce glare or, turning down the brightness of your monitor will also help to stop your eyes from getting tired and dry.

Following these tips should make sure that your party eyes are pretty as a picture and that you can keep your sparkling eyes throughout the festive season and beyond!

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