Sagging Eyelids, How To Improve Their Appearance

Having sagging eyelids tends to be a problem that creeps up on us as we age. Whilst there is no method other than cosmetic surgery that will reverse the problem with long-lasting results, there is a lot you can do to improve the appearance of your eyelid area both by disguising the problem with clever application of cosmetics and by using treatment products and eye creams.

Sagging eyelids can be cleverly disguised by careful application of your eye makeup if you know what you are doing.

First of all, it is important to understand how to draw attention to the line of your eyelashes and away from your eyelids. Use an eye shadow all over your upper eyelid, from the eyelash line to your eyebrow. Choose a colour that matches with your skin tone to give a ‘nude’ or very natural effect.

sagging eyelids

Follow our make-up tips to cleverly disguise sagging eyelids

Use soft, smudgy eyeliner as close to your upper lashes as you can get, attempting to create a soft effect with grays and browns rather than a hard line.

Finish with a good mascara that will emphasize your lashes, choose a thickening and/or lengthening product.

Eyelid surgery is growing in popularity as a way of treating the problem of sagging eyelids this type of cosmetic procedure, called Blepharoplasty, is now third in terms of the number of cosmetic procedures performed in the US. However, many of us do not wish to undertake cosmetic procedures and fortunately, there are many other options. Here are some low-cost – or no-cost home remedies you could try:-

  1. If you rub your eyes because of irritation, allergies or tiredness, sagging eyelids will become worse. Try to get the right amount of sleep every night. If you find getting to sleep difficult, read up on natural relaxation methods such as aromatherapy that could help you.
    If irritation or allergies are the problem, try to find the source and treat appropriately. It may be as simple as changing a skin care product or the fabric conditioner you use on your towels and bed linen. It may prove more difficult and you may need to undergo some allergy testing.
  2. Try to remain properly hydrated. Drink an adequate amount of fluid every day, cut down on salty snacks and foods.
  3. Pamper your eyes with natural treatments at home. Use cold gel pack eye treatments, apply cucumber slices or potato slices and relax or use cool, used tea bags. Chamomile tea bags are particularly effective at reducing puffiness and under eye circles as well as creating a tightening effect.

Whilst cosmetic surgery may be the only long-term solution to those sagging eyelids, trying these simple steps will really help.

In addition, try to avoid the sun damage which is a major factor in causing the slackening of the skin which contributes to the problem. Wear an eye cream with a high spf during the day and protect your eyes with sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat when out in the sun.

Sagging eyelids may be inevitable but it is certainly an inevitability that we can delay without spending a fortune!

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