Replenix Eye Repair Cream Reviews Vote It Excellent

Replenix Eye Repair Cream reviews online, vote it excellent, just about everywhere you look! On top of being a really super product to use in terms of how it feels on your skin and the fact that eye makeup is easy to apply over it, it is a multi action treatment containing the key ingredients necessary to deal with eye bags, those fine lines and wrinkles and in addition, under eye circles.

Replenix Eye Repair Cream contains natural ingredients proven to be powerful in treating problems specific to the eye area. One of my favourite ingredients is the green tea polyphenols that have such a brilliant antioxidant effect. (See below for more information about the amazing properties of green tea).

Replenix have provided these expensive ingredients in sufficient quantity to make a real difference to your under eye skin.

Replenix Eye Repair CreamReplenix eye repair cream also contains natural arnica which helps with under eye circles that have been caused by poor circulation in the under eye area, leading to a bruised look. Another key ingredient is Retinol, proven to act on those lines and wrinkles that often appear in the under eye area before anywhere else on the face. Finally, there are peptides which help with lymphatic drainage, reducing the appearance of under eye bags and puffiness.

This cream is great value for money, at around $60 for a half ounce container, you might disagree but, I would rather pay this amount for an eye cream that really works – not only does it really work, but you also need such a tiny amount on the skin of the undereye area and your browbone that it lasts for ages. Replenix eye repair cream reviews report that it works on hereditary dark circles under the eyes which is a big bonus. They also report no adverse reactions which can be a concern in products containing retinol but this does not seem to be a problem with this cream.

In addition to the key ingredients mentioned above, Replenix Eye Repair Cream contains vitamin K which is proven to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, natural cucumber to soothe the vulnerable skin in this area as well as vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin.

If you have not already discovered for yourself, the benefits of green tea in cosmetics, you might like to know that Epigallocatechin galate, also referred to as (EGCC), one of the polyphenols contained in green tea is thought to be as much as two hundred times more potent than Vitamin E in neutralizing harmful, free radicals. It has also been proven that EGCC is easily absorbed into the skin where it can work its magic! All the evidence points to green tea having a powerful protective effect on the skin as it protects against free radical damage and can be confidently used in any anti-aging skin care product.

Since one of the major causes of dark under eye circles is the thinning of the skin in the under eye area caused by the breakdown of collagen, it is also reassuring to know that not only is green tea a potent agent in reducing inflammation but it also helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen by inhibiting the action of an enzyme called collagenase, responsible for this process. What does all that mean in plain English?! It means that using preparations containing green tea on your skin will help to maintain your collagen and help your skin to remain firm and elastic as a result.

Replenix eye repair cream reviews from many happy customers have convinced me that this is a great product and is available at a discount and with free super-saver delivery from Amazon (please use the link to visit the product page).

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