Pro Collagen Miracle Eyes Cream For the Eye Area

Why choose this Pro Collagen Miracle Eyes product for the skin around your eyes?

Firstly, because the skin of the eye area is up to ten times thinner than elsewhere on your face so it needs extra special treatment and what is the right product for the skin on the rest of your face, almost certainly will not be appropriate for this very delicate skin.

Miracle Eyes is an eye cream that has been designed specifically for the benefit of the skin around your eyes and whilst its ingredients are really effective, they are safe and will work their ‘miracle’ without causing any problem or damage to your skin.

Pro Collagen Miracle Eyes works in three specific ways

  • pro collagen miracle eyesIt will help to reduce those first signs of aging, lines and wrinkles.
  • It will help to soothe tired and irritated eyes.
  • It will help to fade the appearance of those dark circles under eyes.

Extract from Customer Review:-

“I’ve been using this product for a month and i have to say that it has improved some of my eye problems. I have really bad dark circles and baggy eyes. I have used other different products and this is the first product that has actually shown some improvement.”

What are the active ingredients in Pro Collagen Miracle Eyes?

  • anti aging eye creamVitamin A combined with active peptides helps to inhibit the breakdown of collagen in the area, improve the collagen matrix and collagen synthesis. This helps your skin to appear younger, fresher and more radiant.
  • Vitamin K helps to reduce those dark circles beneath the eyes by repairing existing damage to the tiny blood vessels in the area (called capillaries) and helping to prevent further damage.
  • An ingredient called Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5 also helps to prevent deterioration of collagen in the eye area which helps to increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. It also gets to work reducing the puffiness, under eye circles and dark circles by boosting the circulation and improving the drainage of the fluid build-up that contributes to these problems.

Extract from customer review

“I have terrible bags around my eyes and since I started using this cream around my eyes I have far less wrinkles and my bags have mostly gone away. I think it’s wonderful!”

  • It also contains two amazing natural extracts from cucumber and the Aloe plant which not only leave your skin feeling wonderfully soothed and moisturized, but also help to decrease inflammation and puffiness.
  • Finally, it contains Glycolic Acid which helps to exfoliate those dead skin cells that leave the complexion looking dull and also works with the other ingredients in reducing the appearance of those lines that appear first in the eye area.

Pro Collagen Miracle Eyes cream is easy to apply. Simply apply a small amount to the tip of your finger and with a gentle circular motion, apply all around the delicate skin of the eye area. Use in the morning (make sure you allow a few moments after application to gain maximum benefit by allowing the cream to be fully absorbed by your skin before you apply any makeup). Apply again at night after your bedtime cleansing routine.

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