Organic Anti Aging Care For The Eye Area, My Favorite Product

I was recently lucky enough to discover an excellent product from a company called Avalon Organics®. I would like to share my review of this product, which I have absolutely loved using, please see below for my recommendation.

As the name suggests this company is commited to providing the very best in organic skin care and every product they make contains at least 70% organic ingredients. Their products offer the reassurance of certification to NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for personal care products containing organic ingredients – so, not only can you be confident of the effectiveness of anything you choose from the range, but you can also be certain of the safety and purity.

NSF logo

The NSF Logo is pictured (right), look out for it on other organic products and if you have questions about what this certification means, the following link will take you to a helpful pdf –

You can also be sure that none of the products contain any of the common irritants found in beauty and treatment products such as synthetic fragrances and other irritants that can cause unpleasant skin reactions.

In addition, the Avalon Organics® website contains a statement of their Consciousness in Cosmetics® ethic which comprises five elements:-

“Purity and Safety, Sustainability, Effectiveness, Intimacy and Personal Choice.”

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My favorite product of 2012 (so far!)

I would like to recommend the Avalon Essential Lift Contouring Eye Crème. I was initially drawn to this product because I love the fresh scent of rosemary and this was mentioned particularly in one of the customer reviews I read.

Reading further, I found that this product is especially designed to firm the skin around the eyes and works in a very clever way by drawing moisture from deeper levels of the skin up to the surface levels. This results in skin looking refreshed and lifted and definition of the eye contour is restored giving a more ‘awake’ look.

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I read up on how this process works and it seems that the plumping and firming effect is caused by the 70 micro minerals contained within the crème draw up moisture from below the skin surface and work their magic from the inside out! Coupled with this, the antioxidants the crème also contains such as extract of green tea help to prevent further lines and wrinkles from developing by fighting free-radical damage.

I loved the rosemary scent as I anticipated, but was also pleasantly surprised by how light the cream is, (more like a serum, I thought) and by the tightening effect of the organic oat kernel extract. My skin felt lovely and soft after using this cream, thanks to the organic Jojoba oil it contains.

I would be happy to continue using this for these benefits alone, but am pleased to report that after only four weeks of use, I can see a definite improvement in dark circles beneath my eyes. Thankfully, I do not suffer from puffiness in this area but I read an Amazon review that said:

“Was pleasantly surprised how effective it was using it first thing in the morning for puffiness.”

It is very easy to use, just gently pat the crème around your eye area with your fingertips after you have completed your normal cleanse and tone routine.

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