Makeup Tips to Hide Dark Circles

Makeup tips and tricks for concealing under eye circles

Most of us are pretty comfortable with how our faces look, but we sure are not okay with those ugly dark circles beneath our eyes. These circles make our faces look incredibly unattractive. So, how do we keep these unwanted shadows at bay?

Well, besides altering your lifestyle, there are guaranteed tricks to hide them especially when you are aiming for last minute coverage. A vanity kit is always preferable to hide those puffy eyes, and these tips really work.

Let’s run through the 5 most fundamental makeup tips that every woman should follow for hiding dark circles!

1. Go For the Right Concealer

The choice of a concealer comes across as a profoundly important choice that you would make in hiding those dark circles. The thumb rule is to always opt for a color that is bit lighter than your skin tone. Ideally, use a one that has more of a yellow base but the tone should be a bit lighter than your skin color. The yellow tone here will cancel out the blue, green or purple hues.

Find the perfect concealer for your under eye circles

Depending on what kind of coverage you want, you pick the concealer accordingly. For instance, if you aim for a lighter coverage then a liquid tube with lightest formulation is perfect. But, for heavy coverage you must go for stick concealers.

2. Use the Concealer Professionally

Not only is it necessary to use the right one that matches your skin tone, but it is equally important to use it in a professional manner to see effective results. It is imperative to use a brush in order to pat the concealer on the dark patched underneath the eyes, and in the end, smile and see if it is blending with fine lines. If it is then blot it off with a tissue.

3. Use Foundation

If you are amongst those who like to stick to just essentials then you can use your foundation instead of a concealer. The only thing is that you have to use a liquid foundation and squeeze it into a tiny bit on your hand and let it oxidize. The idea is to achieve a more concentrated pigment, which is formed only with longer exposure to open air. Once the pigment is formed, only then you can use your pigmented foundation.

4. Apply Powder

It is a good idea to shed some powder on the blemishes. Powder will assist in adding little bit more coverage to the dark circles besides helping the concealer to last throughout the day. Applying loose powder in the T zone and under the eyes will do magic.
However, in case if you have dry skin then you can skip the powder application and instead use a matte eye shadow 2 shades lighter than your skin.

5. The Most Surprising Tip? – Use a lipstick!

The idea sounds crazy at first, but it does work! Watch how it is done


hide under eye dark circles with lipstickHow to use lipstick for dark circles yourself at home:

  • Take any normal make up brush
  • Dab it on the lipstick and then apply it over the dark circles
  • Cover them all with a thin layer.
  • Apply concealer on this layer and continue with your normal make up.

It will not only cover the dark circles but will give a glow to your eyes. The important thing is to apply bright red or orange color lipstick only. Why? Because red color is perfect for covering blue/black.

Parting Thoughts

The makeup tips mentioned here are merely for covering purposes; however, if you are looking at healing dark circles for good then you must alter your lifestyle habits. Conversely, these makeup tips will act as a rescue plan for any last minute party plans with your friends.
By simply following these makeup tips, you are sure to cover those puffy eyes for longer hours.

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