La Roche Posay Active C Eyes Dermatologist Recommended

La Roche Posay Active C Eyes has brilliant anti-aging effects, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to get rid of puffiness and dark under eye circles, and freshening the entire area.

This is due to the fact that the ‘Active C” in the product name, is the key ingredient, L-ascorbic acid 5%, the only form of vitamin C that is active in the skin. For a product that is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, this one will not disappoint. The texture of the skin noticeably improves, helping to achieve a radiant glow.

La Roche Posay Active C EyesOther ingredients in La Roche-Posay Active C Eyes include a Citrus amara flower extract, which minimizes dark circles and boosts microcirculation, Glycerin, which hydrates, and soothing, nourishing La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. Use the link provided to visit the product page on where it is available at less than HALF PRICE – and you get free shipping too!

customer review:-

Love, love this stuff!! I am over 50 and my eyes don’t look a day over 40! I’ve been a faithful user for over 5 years and will remain loyal to this product.

This treatment cream feels silky smooth when it is applied to your skin, instantly soothing and hydrating this delicate part of the face. Fragrance-free and safety tested, it is ideal for contact lens wearers and those with skin that is easily irritated. Apply it all around the peri-orbital area, working outwards and applying small dots of the emulsion to your skin with a soft tapping motion. It should be used once per day (either in the morning or at night). As only a very small amount is needed each time, a tube will last a long time (Dr Neda in the video below says she is only half way through the tube after two months!).

This product may be slightly more expensive than other eye creams, but the majority of users agree that it is well worth the extra cost, particularly those with sensitive skin who find many other products to be too harsh. Another plus is that it is extremely lightweight and leaves no oily residue. It quickly absorbs into the skin and make up can be applied immediately afterward. It even works well in a humid climate.

This product from La Roche Posay is often recommended by dermatologists, which gives it real credibility within the skincare industry.

If you want brighter, tighter skin around your eyes, this should make a noticeable difference within just a few days.

Ongoing use should help keep those fine lines, wrinkles and dark shadows at bay.


La Roche Posay Active C Eyes Dermatologist Recommended — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, I just saw you video on how to apply the Laroche Posay Vitamin C. I just bought my second tube for the eye today. I like it alot also. I just wanted to know if it is OK to put an eye cream on top of the Laroche Posay Vitamin C eye. Sometimes I feel my eyes need more hydrating especially in our Canada winters! I also bought the Laroche Posay Serum that came out, do u put face cream on top of the serum and when is the best time to apply serum, morning or night?
    Thanks for your help. Rita

  2. Hi Rita, thanks for your comment, glad to hear that you like this product too. This product should be used once per day, morning or night so I would recommend that if you feel you need more moisture beneath your eyes when out in the weather, that you use a normal hydrating under eye cream in the day and use this product at night. In general, I believe serum products are better absorbed into the skin when used at night.