How To Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes

Under eye circles are a problem for many people. When the dark circles go around the upper eyelid as well, forming a ring around the eye, they are get the nick-name “raccoon eyes”. They look pretty cute on the raccoon but people who have them would really like to find a kind of magic racoon eye eraser that will solve the problem of how to get rid of raccoon eyes really fast!

What causes the problem?
Sometimes the cause is pigmentation beneath the skin. Most often in the eye area, this dark pigmentation is caused by molecules of a substance called Hemosiderine which comes from red blood cells.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than anywhere else on the face. The tiny blood vessels beneath the surface are easily damaged by rubbing, or can rupture by themselves if the eyes are puffy and swollen or in cases of hormonal changes, fluid retention, etc.

how to get rid of raccoon eyes

They may look cute on the Raccoon, but most people would rather not have dark circles around their eyes

What happens is that the molecules of Hemosiderine contain iron which gives them the dark color and so they show through the thin skin of the eye area.

Also, because the molecules are large, the body takes a while to reabsorb them, so once they are there, you may be stuck with them for a while.

The effect may become more noticeable if the cause of the ruptured blood vessels is not addressed, because more of the pigmented molecules are deposited under the skin than are being reabsorbed, resulting in a build-up of the dark coloration.

Another cause of raccoon eyes is allergies of various kinds. Allergies cause the eyes to become itchy and sore.

The tendency is to rub them to try to relieve the discomfort and this generally causes blood vessels beneath the skin to rupture. Take a look at our article about how to help allergies as this could also result in improvement in the dark circles beneath and around the eyes. Allergies can also cause sinus problems which result in pain and swelling and this vicious circle goes on and the problem becomes worse.

dark under eye circlesHow to get rid of raccoon eyes, depends on what has caused them in the first instance. Cosmetic surgery procedures can help with removal of fatty deposits built up as a result of allergies, repeated sinus infections and sometimes, just down to your family genetics.

Blepharoplasty is a well known procedure for this and whilst it will improve the appearance of the eye area, it is not an instant fix for those dark circles which may still take some time to clear.

dust mite

One of the most common causes of eye irritation is the house dust mite

If allergies are your problem, follow the steps outlined in our article “Tackle Allergens To Prevent Black Circles“, on the topic. This should help to alleviate the symptoms. In addition, you might want to consult your family doctor and undergo allergy testing to find out exactly what is causing the problem in your case. Certainly your doctor will be able to provide medications that will alleviate the symptoms and help you resist rubbing or scratching at your eyes. This in turn will help with the raccoon eyes.

If you have repeated sinus problems and believe this to be the underlying cause of your raccoon eyes problem it would be well worth discussing this with your doctor. Many people put up with sinus troubles for years and never really get to the bottom of the cause.

Surgical treatment may cure the problem if you have a crooked septum or other problem inside your nose so it really is worth trying to find out whether this is the case for you.

I hope this short article has gone some way to explaining how to get rid of raccoon eyes but, because there are many different causes, there is no ‘magic’ raccoon eye eraser product on the market!

In the meantime however, there are many home remedies and over the counter products that will really help the appearance of the dark circles under and around your eyes – check out some of the products reviewed on this site by taking a look at the ‘site index’ page (link at the top of this page).

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