How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes for Men

How to get rid of bags under eyes for men” is a search term getting more than 1,000 searches a month on Google alone. It is evidently a problem that many men want to find a solution to as more and more men become as conscious of their appearance as women and want to stay younger looking for longer too. Just as for women, there are numerous procedures and methods that will work very well to help men to ‘turn back the clock’ and to improve the way they look. If you are a man who has bags or dark circles under your eyes, there are many treatment options ranging from home remedies to cosmetic surgery that can improve the look of your skin, make you feel more confident, more attractive and more youthful!

For all the above reasons, there are numerous male celebrities who have had procedures as a method to get rid of bags under their eyes. Though men are just as reluctant as women in most cases to admit that they have had ‘a little work done’, many have been linked to having this type of cosmetic surgery. This may include celebrities such as LL Cool J, Patrick Dempsey and even Simon Cowell. There is no way to know for sure that they have done this but looking at the ‘before and after pictures’ often tells the full story!

How to get rid of bags under eyes for men

how to get rid of bags under eyes for menIf you have baggy or puffy eyes, dark circles or shadows under your eyes then you can consider cosmetic surgery procedures. These procedures often involve the use of collagen fillers, which will decrease the presence of the baggy look. In addition to this, other cosmetic procedures can be useful to reduce the discoloration including dermabrasion. However, cosmetic surgery is not the only option for you.

There are many at home remedies that can work, too. One of the most effective home treatments for how to get rid of bags under eyes for men and women alike is to use two teaspoons! Place two metal teaspoons into the freezer. Once they are cold, after about five minutes, remove them and place them over the eyes. Hold them there for two minutes. This can help to constrict the blood vessels in the eyes to provide nearly immediate relief from the baggy look you have.

Another treatment that used to be very popular (believe it or not), was to use haemorrhoid cream. The leading brand Preparation H used to contain an ingredient that made it an effective treatment for how to get rid of those bags under the eyes for men who had the problem. However, the makers of this product have now removed this ingredient from Preparation H so this is no longer an option.

There are many eye creams that are very effective in treating under eye bags and dark circles, please see our articles on eye cream for more information:-

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Get rid of bags under eyes with Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is the name for the cosmetic surgery procedure to remove under eye bags for men and women. This is usually done under a general anaesthetic so it is more involved than a ‘lunch-hour procedure’. The surgeon removes the excess fat that causes the eye bags by making a single incision along the line of the lower lashes. Once the fat has been removed, the skin is stretched to tighten it and give a smooth look to the under eye area. This gives excellent and long-lasting results. Some men elect to have upper lid surgery at the same time to correct drooping or sagging eyelids.

For men, these procedures work very well because they address the common concern – dry baggy patches of skin under the eyes. These can come from stress or just poor sleeping habits, though some are hereditary. Men tend to develop them as they age, but even younger men can experience them in their 40’s especially when they are under a lot of stress. Whether you elect to go for surgical correction or stick with home remedies or over the counter treatments is often a matter of cost as well as personal preference but whatever option you choose, it has certainly never been easier for men to learn how to get rid of bags under eyes as well as dark circles that make us all look older than we feel.

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