How Much Do You Know About Your Eyes?

On this site, you will find many articles that deal with problems of the eye area such as under eye circles, eye bags, crow’s feet and eye wrinkles.

But what about the eyes themselves? Recently I came across this wonderful infographic which has been produced by Lenstore, an online retailer of contact lenses in the UK to show just how amazing our eyes really are.

I got permission to republish it here because I think it is not only fascinating but shows us all, just how important it is that we take care of them just as meticulously as we look after our skin.

Take a look – I hope you will enjoy finding out a little more about how miraculous eyes and the gift of eyesight is – I certainly learned some new facts!

7 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes

How much do you really know about your eyes? As one of the most intricate body parts, myths about eyes abound (perhaps the biggest one is that carrots help you see in the dark). However, there are so many amazing facts that most people don’t know. One reason for this is that many of these facts have only been discovered fairly recently, so there hasn’t been much time for them to really become well-known.

Advances in technology however, have allowed scientists and researchers to understand the eye better through experiments and research. Some of the findings are very surprising. So if you have ever wondered about having blue eyes, what 20-20 vision actually means or how fast you can actually blink your eyes, this infographic will provide all the answers in a fascinating visual form. Try some of the questions on your friends and see how much they know about their own eyes – or use the fascinating facts as the basis for questions in a trivia quiz!

Here’s one more little teaser for you: Do you know what would happen if you were to wear a pair of glasses which flipped images upside-down? The way the eyes and brain interact mean that the results may not be what you expect.

This infographic was contributed by Lenstore, who sell contact lenses online in the UK

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