Hiding Under Eye Circles in Photographs

Help!  My daughter is getting married this weekend and I’m so nervous about my makeup! I have under eye circles that are hard to disguise on a regular day. What is going to happen when the professional photographer sets up his lights and gets out his fancy camera? Will my under eye circles be captured in my daughter’s photographs for all eternity?!

It is true that the camera picks up details the naked eye may miss.  We understand the stress and impending doom you feel awaits you.  However, there are lots of things you can do to make sure the mother of the bride looks as youthful, elegant, and radiant as possible without up-staging the bride!

Top Makeup Tips For The Mother of the Bride

makeup tips for mature skin
(Editor’s Note: Follow the makeup tips below and watch the video – the images above are before and after shots of the transformation achieved in the video demonstration – note that under eye circles are disguised and eyes look bigger, brighter and younger!)

    • Blend, blend, blend!  Blending is one of the most important techniques for good makeup.  The camera will pick up any obvious lines.  Double and triple check that you don’t have any badly blended spots.
    • Check your overall appearance.  Under eye circles will be especially obvious if there are other problems happening with your makeup.  Is one cheek fuller than the other?  Are your eyebrows in desperate need of plucking?  Make sure the overall look is pleasing and any under eye darkness that does peak through won’t be as offensive.
    • Remember that colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are complimentary.  If your under eye circles have a purplish tint, use a yellow based concealer.

  • Keep the tone of the concealer close to your skin tone.  If you go too light, you’ll have raccoon eyes in the photos.
  • Don’t be obvious – go easy on the amount of makeup you apply.  Start with the bare minimum, making sure it is blended properly.  Add another layer if needed.  Blend as you add layers for a natural look.
  • Look for an eye cream that has “optical light diffusers.”  The illuminating finish will look nice in photographs. (Editor’s Note: For tips on choosing the best under eye cream, this article will be helpful.)
  • For best results, apply your makeup on location.  If that isn’t possible, at least do a touch up when you arrive.  The lighting in your hotel room may be vastly different from the light at the church.  If the bride takes the photo shoot outside, check again.  Natural light and artificial light create very different effects.
  • Avoid blush, lipstick and eye shadow with a blue hue.  This will draw attention to the under eye circles.
  • A few days before the wedding, do a trial run of your makeup.  Then, ask someone to take some photos of you.  Try different angles.  See if positioning your head one way hides the circles better than another.  You could even ask a few people to join you at the mock photo shoot.  Where should you stand in group photos?  Of course, the photographer will have the final say, but you can get an idea of how you look when other people are around you, casting various shadows.

Look Ten Years Younger With These Makeup Tips!

Perhaps the most important tip is this – it’s the bride’s special day!  Of course you want to look your best, but let the bride shine.  And rest assured that all eyes will be on her; you’ll be like a dazzling accessory in the background.

This is a guest post by author Logan Clement, a makeup artist who dabbles with other creative ventures like website design and photography.  His varied interests have led him to become a jack-of-all-trades blog writer!

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