Four Changes that Will Make You Look Younger

Nobody wants to get older, and few people want to even look their actual age. While you can’t fight time and you are going to get older, that doesn’t mean that you have to look as old as you are. In fact, there are a variety of different things you can do to make yourself look younger, ranging from quick fixes you can do at home in just a couple of minutes to more permanent solutions that will keep you looking younger than you really are for years to come.

Choose Light Lipstick

lipsThe color of lipstick or lip gloss that you put on your lips makes a big difference when it comes to hold old you look, even to people that see you on a regular basis. Dark colored lipsticks tend to make your face look heavy, and while they might have been intriguing when you were young and didn’t have to worry about sagging skin and dark circles under your eyes, lighter shades are best if you’re worried about how old you look. Light colored lipstick or lip gloss has the opposite effect, working to brighten your face and make you look more youthful.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

moisturizerDry skin looks old, and wrinkles are much more visible if your skin is need of moisture. That’s why it’s really important for aging adults to use a high-quality moisturizer on their face and body. While you can get all sorts of expensive products, one of the best moisturizers for your body is quality extra virgin olive oil because it contains essential fatty acids. Olive oil might be a little too greasy for your face, however, so stick with a recommended facial moisturizer for aging skin.

Lasik Eye Surgery

pretty eyesGlasses can look amazing, but they can often make you look older as well. For those that want to toss their glasses there is always the option of contacts. While contacts will give you the same younger look, they won’t help you fell younger. Lasik eye surgery will make you feel young as well by giving you your sight back. Best of all there is no need to even own glasses. According to Utah lasik center, you will be able to wake up and see perfectly first thing in the morning.

Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgeryThe idea of cosmetic surgery scares a lot of people off, but there are few solutions that are as effective when it comes to looking younger than you really are. While it might seem like a scary idea, cosmetic surgery is safe, and a qualified cosmetic surgeon can work wonders with relatively little healing time and no scarring. Procedures like the eye tuck, which can help the focal point of the face look younger, and procedures like a face lift which can help get rid of wrinkles and loose skin around the cheeks and neck are ideal for people seeking a younger appearance. Best of all, you’ll look younger for years, and unlike that lipstick, it won’t come off at night.

This is a guest post by Annette Hazard who is a freelance blogger promoting Cataract Surgeon Salt Lake City. She enjoys writing about beauty, and is a mother of one.

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