Eye Exercises, Avoid The Strain Of Modern Living

Despite claims from researchers and health experts that sitting too long in front of a computer screen or TV for extensive periods is damaging for our eyes in the long run, there is not a whole wealth of information out there which suggests how we can balance time in front of the screens which dominate our modern existence.

There are in fact many forms of eye exercises which can be done regularly, which will hardly render the need for glasses useless, but could improve your long term eye health and may help avoid any further complications late in life.

Warning Signs Around Internet Remedies and Self Help Treatments

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First of all it is important to make clear that it is not always necessary to pay for the many eyesight improvement programs advertised on the internet, which claim to reduce the symptoms of refractive errors in sight such as astigmatism, which differ considerably from official vision therapies which may be recommended by qualified optometrists when trying to correct diagnosed vision problems, so regular checkups to determine whether this should be a course of action should be considered above anything else.

It may not necessarily be possible to change the basic anatomic make-up of the eye purely through exercises alone. Medical eye conditions such as presbyopia, which results in the eye lens losing its natural elasticity through aging and general wear and tear, with an onset from about the age of 40, sees a blurring of vision which is unlikely to be improved by simple exercises.

There is no miracle cure for certain eye ailments, but what eye exercises can potentially do, is help train your eyes to work in conjunction with the brain to help them see in different ways, where eye problems such as lazy eye can be corrected or improved from a certain age, whereas problems relating from basic eye shape cannot easily be altered, although more extensive scientific study is required to determine if this is true.

What Exercises Can Be Done?

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Look after your eyes with simple eye exercises you can do at home

To help minimise eyestrain and the pressure an office job for example may place on them, a certain amount of exercises can be done to maintain current vision throughout the day and reduce future sight deterioration, including:

•    The Palming Method – Done by sitting down and closing your eyes and covering them with your hands so as to not let any light in, with the feeling of complete blackness the object of the exercise. This should be repeated for a few more minutes and is designed to ease general strain on your eyes by resting them for a few moments, reducing the likelihood of headaches or migraines from eye strain later in the day.

•    Stretch Your Field of Vision – While sitting down, roll your eyes in a clockwise motion, then counter-clockwise and repeat up to 5 times, blinking in between to avoid excessive strain.

•    Pencil Movement – A popular eye exercise which involves stretching out your arm with a pencil in hand, then bringing your arm slowly to your nose until the pencil is no longer in focus, which may be repeated up to 10 times.

Other fun eye exercises include focusing on a distant object for a certain amount of time, before focusing on a nearby object without moving your head before repeating, or pretending you are writing on a wall opposite you, the larger the letters, the larger the effect! Typing ‘Eye Exercises’ into a search engine points to many similar eye exercises, enabling you to create your own routine in relation to time constraints.

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