Evaporte Eye Cream Review

If you haven’t heard of Evaporte Eye Cream, keep reading!

This is an under eye repair cream designed to treat dark circles, puffiness and skin discolouration.

Evaporte is available in two different versions, one made especially for women and another for men.

These are just a few of the claims the manufacturer makes about the eye cream –

They say,

  • Evaporte eye creamIt reduce the appearance of under eye bags by up to 40%

  • It reduces the appearance of dark circles by up to 60%

  • It firms and lifts the affected area

  • It makes the skin stronger and gives protection against damage from free radicals and oxidation

  • It gives the complexion a firmer, brighter, more radiant and youthful appearance, due to the smooth elastic film it leaves on the skin’s surface

  • After using the product for 6 to 8 weeks, the eyes will appear less tired and no more dark circles or bags will appear

Can Evaporte Eye Cream Bring Your Eyes Back To Life?

Both versions of the cream (men’s and women’s) receive mixed reviews from users.

One Evaporte review states that it is a waste of money and not worth the $90 price tag, as it produced no results at all after an entire month of use.

Another complaint was that the cream was too runny – more like a liquid than a cream.

On the other hand, there are some extremely positive reviews of this Evaporte product. In general, users like the texture because it is not greasy or sticky. It is quick to absorb into the skin, and leaves it feeling soft.

Amazon Customer Review of the men’s cream
EVAPORTÉ for Men - Dark Circles & Eye Bags Remover - Clinically Proven, Immediate and Long Term Effects

“Bought this for my brother because he has allergies and dark eye circles and bags. He really was very pleased with the results. Not greasy or sticky. Absorbs quickly. I am going to buy it for my husband and father too!”

Most testers find it is extremely simple to use. It is suitable to be applied both morning and night. All you have to do is gently massage it into the under eye area with clean fingertips, until it has been completely absorbed.

The pump action receives a lot of praise, because this ensures that only a small amount is dispersed at a time, and none of the product is wasted.

Because it absorbs so quickly, makeup can be applied right away.

Some users say that they genuinely feel this product has made their eyes look fresher, brighter and less tired. These testers are happy with the results – and willing to pay the higher than average price.

Amazon customer review of the women’s eye cream

“My eyes were looking so tired all the time. Friends kept asking if I was feeling ok. I couldn’t take it anymore so I tried Evaporte. EVAPORTÉ for Women - Dark Circles & Eye Bags Remover - Clinically Proven, Immediate and Long Term EffectsI really feel like my eyes look fresher, perkier and more awake. My colleagues are asking if I am using different makeup but its really the Evaporte eye cream! Great results, so happy.”

The bottom line seems to be that if you can afford it, this Evaporte eye cream could be worth trying out – and if you want to get it at the best possible price, Amazon offer discounts of over 30% and free shipping as well! As with all skin care products, some will work well for some people and not so well for others.

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