Dark Shadows, Your Body’s Early Warning System?

Dark shadows under the eyes can often be a sign that we are not providing our skin with the right balance of nutrients in our diets. Having healthy skin makes us feel better psychologically and as the under eye area is one of the first areas that shows up any problems, using this as a sort of early warning system and paying attention to improving your diet could help avoid further problems later on.

Our skin is an effective barrier to all sorts of toxins, pollutants and bacteria that would otherwise get into our bodies. By eating a good balance of healthy foods will help to strengthen it and sometimes taking additional vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements can also help give us a bit of a boost when we are tired, recovering from illness or just feeling a little ‘run-down’

Skin is prone to damage from free radicals, as with other internal organs of our bodies. The vitamins that help protect us from these free radicals are the ACE vitamins, A, C and E.

A lack of vitamin A can be one of the causes of dry, flaky skin which is so much more prone to lines and wrinkles. This vitamin is the source for the skin treatment, Retinol which is used in anti aging and acne skin treatments.

Vitamin C is very important for the production of Collagen production which helps maintain the structure and elasticity of skin.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help to protect our skin from the harmful effects of sun damage especially in combination with vitamins A and C.

Vitamin B is also hugely important for the skin as is can help with hydrating the skin and helping it to look firmer and healthier.

Vitamin K is the vitamin which is particularly helpful if you have dark circles beneath or around your eyes. It seems to be even more effective when used topically in preparations that also include vitamin A.

In the following video, Kelly mentions the vitamins that are most effective for the skin health

In addition to the above-mentioned vitamins, some minerals also have a very beneficial effect on the skin. Selenium has been used as both an ingredient in skin care products and as an ingredient in supplement products to help protect the skin from skin cancers. Copper and Zinc seem to work in conjunction with vitamin C to promote the formation of elastin which, as the name suggests is a fibrous part of the skin structure that helps promote flexibility and elasticity. All three of the minerals mentioned are known to help the look and texture of the skin and to improve its general health.

healthy balanced diet

Essential vitamins and minerals can be obtained from a healthy balanced diet but sometimes supplements can help too.

All these vitamins and minerals occur naturally in a healthy and balanced diet but vitamin and mineral supplements do, definitely have their place. Of course, as with all things, it is no good deciding one day that you will take a vitamin pill and then not take another for a week or so, you need to take a carefully balanced dose, in accordance with nutritional guidelines and there are many excellent products on the market. You should be sure never to exceed the recommended dosage as vitamins are powerful substances and which can have very bad effects on the body if taken to excess.

So, next time you look in the mirror and notice those dark shadows under your eyes, remember this is your body’s way of giving you an early warning, take note, take care of yourself and protect yourself (and your skin) from further harm, by taking action now!

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