Dark Circles, The Primary Beauty Concern For Many Women

It seems that facial cosmetic procedures are still the most popular aesthetic treatments performed. It is very interesting to note how our perception of our looks changes as we grow older. There was an interesting article in the May edition of the American Aesthetic Surgery Journal which showed that :

  • For twenty-something women, is was their nose and skin that they most wanted to change/improve
  • For women in their thirties and forties, it was the area around their eyes which they most desired to rejuvenate and improve.
  • For women in their fifties, the eye area was also a major point of concern as was the jawline.

So it seems that for a large age group of women (in particular), the eye area is of more concern than other areas of the face. This is borne out by a survey done by Clinique, quoted in the NY Times, in which almost seven thousand women said that their primary concern was dark circles under and around the eye area.

Treatments available range from creams to lighten the skin, under eye injections of Restylane, treatment with light, whether this is IPL or Laser and a cosmetic procedure known as Blepharoplasty.

laughter lines

I think that laughter lines add character to a man's face!

Another eye problem that many are concerned about is the so-called “crow’s feet” that appear at the corners of the eyes. Personally, I prefer to call these laughter lines although there is no doubt that on my husband’s face, they confer character and make him look more ‘interesting’ – whereas on my own face, when I peer in the mirror, I feel they just make me look older.

These lines are causes when the skin’s elasticity diminishes, due to a loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen. A quote I read by Doctor Natalie Blakely in a Daily Mail article said that

‘We lose 80 per cent of our natural hyaluronic acid between the ages of 40 and 80,’


Which is a little depressing, frankly! As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the under eye area is the first to show those signs of aging, caused by a loss of fat, collagen and elastin from the skin of this area. Because our eyes are the most mobile part of our face and second is our mouth and lips, it is perhaps not surprising that these are the primary and secondary sites for those first wrinkles to develop as we age.

Luckily there are many excellent over the counter treatments available for treating these lines and you can read more in our product review articles (just check out the site index to browse these). Of course, Botox continues to be popular but many are feeling that the effect is less natural than they would like and are seeking more permanent, long term solutions.

So, if you want to take rather more drastic action and would like more information about cosmetic procedures, I can highly recommend that you check out the web site of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as this is a great way of finding a good surgeon in your area and reading more about what is available and what, realistically you could expect from treatment.

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