Dark Circle Eye Treatment For Men

Whilst men and women both suffer from dark circles – and in fact, men probably have more of a problem with them that women do, it is still women who tend to seek dark circle eye treatment.

However, things are changing, with a number of products coming onto the market, specifically designed for men.

One such product is ManCeuticals Dark Circle Eye Treatment. This is a gel product which has been specifically designed to treat both dark circles, and the puffy eye bags that can also look so aging.

dark circle eye treatmentThis product is getting great reviews from happy customers online and promises to show a marked improvement in reducing the puffy appearance of under eye bags and the discoloration or shadowy appearance in the area beneath the lower eyelids. On the Manceuticals web site, they state that 70% of the participants in clinical trials showed a great improvement in just fifteen days when used twice daily as directed. After forty-five days, 95% of the participants showed a significant improvement – which is pretty amazing!

The great thing about this product is that it works by increasing the circulation of blood and reducing fluid retention in the area under the eyes. It also helps to improve the skin tone, making it firmer and more elastic and has a brightening effect. Although this product was designed by UK pharmacologists with men in mind, women are catching on to the great benefits of using this product too!

Extract from one lady’s customer review:-

“Both my husband and I suffer from very bad dark circles. I bought some Manceuticals Dark Circle Treatment for my husband to try. After about one week I started to see a big difference in his dark circles…. I started to use Dark Circle Eye Treatment and within two weeks my dark circles were nearly gone!”

Another ‘plus’ is that the gel gives great results whether your skin is light or dark and it also acts as a moisturizer, providing the hydration needed for the under-eye area without having to purchase another product for this purpose.

Extract from male customer review:-

“I am of Indian descent, have quite dark skin and have very prominent dark circles. I was apprehensive as to whether Dark Circle Eye Treatment would work on my skin. However after a couple of weeks of use I can safely say that my dark circles are much less severe and almost gone.”

glycationAs well as the easy to understand benefits detailed above, another benefit of this dark circles treatment is that it prevents glycation. In simple terms, this is a process that happens as we grow older. The results of glycation in the under eye area basically means that collagen fibres become cross-linked, hardened and less elastic and unfortunately, this can lead to eye bags and puffiness. If you would like to read more about glycation, please use the link to visit a fascinating article on a website called Doctissimo (from which the following short quote is an extract).

“As we grow older, glycated proteins build up in our cells and end up destroying the skin’s support mattress formed by collagen and elastin. In other words, glucose wraps itself around collagen and elastin fibres, which rigidify and can break overtime.”

If you are keen on using natural ingredients on your skin, this ManCeuticals Dark Circle Eye Treatment contains both green and black tea extracts, vital elements, magnesium, zinc and copper for skin vitality and plant sourced ingredients, from Aloe Vera, Pumpkin and the Kakadu Plum.

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