Choosing the Best Treatments for Dark Circles and Puffiness

In this article I am looking at choosing the best treatments for dark circles and puffiness. The answer may be that there is no ‘best’ treatment to deal with both problems and it may be better to choose an individual product for each specific problem.

First, with puffy eyes, let’s take a look at some of the common causes as this is important when trying to find the best treatment for puffy eyes. If your eyes always look a little puffy, part of the problem may lie in your genes. If on the other hand, the puffiness looks better some days than others it is almost certain that it is caused by fluid retention. The skin on the eyelids is thin which explains why any build up of fluid in the area tends to be much more noticeable.

best treatments for puffinessThankfully, there are quite a lot of things that can be done about puffiness. First of all you could try a home remedy for puffiness by simply applying a cold, used teabag to each eyelid and relaxing for five minutes or so. Cucumber slices are also very effective. Because constricting the blood vessels will reduce puffiness and the best way to do this is by applying cold, using the backs of the bowls of a couple of chilled teaspoons placed on both eyelids will also help.

In addition, when you apply your eye cream, gently apply pressure to the bones around your eye socket. By this, I do not mean that you should press as you move your fingers as this would drag the skin and make the problem worse, you should press on an area and then lift your finger tips before pressing down just next to the spot you have already pressed and by this means, move your finger tips around your eyes alternately pressing, lifting, moving to the next spot and pressing again. The purpose of pressing like this is to help to drain the exess fluid just beneath the skin surface – try it, it is easy to do and very effective.

Our recommendations for the best treatments for puffiness

Now let’s look at the causes of dark circles as this is also important when trying to find effective treatments for dark circles. There are two main reasons for this problem, they are either a result of the blood vessels showing through the skin of the delicate under eye area or as a result of hyperpigmentation. Blood vessels in the under eye area can appear more prominent as we get older since the skin in this area becomes thinner as we age.

Hyperpigmentation is a less common cause of dark circles and is really only a medical term for brown pigmentation that forms in patches below the eyes and can be down to simple genetics or continued rubbing of the eyes due to fatigue, allergy or irritation.

Our recommendations for the best treatments for dark circles

best treatment for dark circles

The good news is that choosing an eye cream or treatment product that will help the appearance of dark circles is not too difficult since any good under eye cream will have the effect of plumping up the skin, temporarily thickening it and making those blood vessels which are causing the bluish tinge to be less visible. It is better to use a cream specificially designed for this area as it will be more likely to be effective for this purpose than a normal face cream.

If your under eye circles are caused by hyperpigmentation and you prefer to use natural products on your skin, you could try an eye cream containing licorice (like the cosmedicine eye specialist cream featured in the image and in the recommendations in the rotating images above, right) as licorice is a natural skin lightening agent.

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