Carboxytherapy Treatment For Dark Under Eye Circles

Carboxytherapy treatment for dark under eye circles uses Carbon Dioxide gas to increase blood flow in the delicate under-eye area.

Treatment with Carbon Dioxide has other applications too and although it is used in slightly different ways to the method employed in treating dark circles, it can be used as a treatment for stretch marks, scars and cellulite.

Carboxytherapy was first used in French Spas as long ago as the 1930s as it was discovered that the carbon dioxide rich mineral water in the spa pools speeded up healing of wounds.

carboxytherapy treatment for under eye circlesThe dark bluish-black circles below the lower eyelid can be caused because the blood circulation in the network of tiny blood vessels (called capillaries) in that area is not working as effectively as it should. This is due to an obstruction of the normal drainage of tears from the eyes into the nose which in turn causes the blood flow to pool in the area below the lower eyelid resulting in the bluish-black tinge that can be seen through the skin.

There are many causes for this poor drainage of tears, but usually, it is down to allergies such as hayfever, pet allergies or an injury such as a broken nose. The image above showing results from just one treatment comes from the website of Dr Michelle Michelle Zaniewski-Singh who has a clinic in Houston Texas.

Carboxytherapy treatment consists of injecting very small amounts of carbon dioxide into area around the eyes to be treated. This has the effect of getting the body to carry more oxygen to this area by transporting it in the blood and ‘mopping up’ this excess carbon dioxide.

Video on Carboxytherapy Treatment

Carboxytherapy treatment works in two ways, firstly it improves the network of tiny blood vessels found in the lower eyelids needed to carry extra oxygen to the area and secondly it increases the collagen found within the skin of this area which has the effect of plumping up the hollows that can develop there. Because the blood in the area below the lower lid is not flowing properly, it does not have enough dissolved oxygen in it so it has this bluish tinge. The skin beneath the eyes is thin and becomes thinner as we age, so this bluish tinge can look even more prominent as we get older.

Increasing the blood flow and improving the network of capillaries replaces this bluish tinge with a much healthier (and healthier looking) pink. Increasing the collagen formation in the lower eyelids and in effect, thickening the layer between blood vessels and the surface, makes this network of blood vessels less visible through the skin too.

A series of up to six treatments spaced a week or more apart and usually lasting less than fifteen minutes is needed. Each treatment consists of injecting small quantities of carbon dioxide through a needle.

The skin is numbed so the procedure is not painful – although the area treated will feel puffy for a short time until the gas is absorbed – this takes only a matter of minutes. There is not usually any bruising when using this treatment for the eyes. The Carboxytherapy treatment for dark under eye circles will last for about six months or so.

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