Anti Aging Eye Creams For Dark Circles and Lines

When you use an anti aging eye cream, it is generally two specific problems that are sought to be addressed. These are puffy eyes and dark circles, both of which are also indications of aging besides the eye wrinkles and sagging skin that comes with age.

As we grow older we tend to be concerned with the dark circles and puffy eyes that most of us have to confront when we look in the mirror. Skin aging first shows around in the under-eye area, because of the fragility of the skin, and ‘bags’ and sagging skin tend to be visible.

This sign of skin aging is a form of skin inflammation and irritation. As our skin ages, it tends to become thinner and this is especially true around the eyes. This allows the blood vessels to show through the skin which leads to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

anti aging eye creamNormal face creams have a heavier consistency to help in long term hydration that is good for facial skin, but such creams are not effective as a cream specifically designed for the skin of the eye area. Such creams on the contrary will be an too heavy on the skin in this area, causing it to exhibit wrinkles and thus lead to increased sagging of the skin beneath the lower lids.

A cream that is considered best as an anti aging eye cream will have a number of ingredients that target all the problems that afflict areas under the eye. These problems are sagging, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Most of these contain Vitamin C to stimulate growth of collagen and to tighten the skin and other active ingredients like copper peptides, alpha hydroxyl acids, retinol and caffeine. Another such active anti aging ingredient is Kinetin, while Vitamin K and kojic acid are not unknown.

It is also necessary to have a close look at lifestyles before selecting an anti aging eye cream. Treatments meant for these purposes will vary for daytime and nighttime and this can really depend on the lifestyle of the person concerned. The amount of makeup being used can also be a factor that has to be taken into account as some creams can serve as moisturizers for makeup. Another factor that also needs consideration is the exposure to sunlight or pollutants which do determine the sun protection factor or spf protection that is needed.

The creams, serums, lotions and potions cannot prevent us from growing older.

Wrinkles once they appear cannot be completely removed without cosmetic surgery, but choosing a really effective anti aging eye cream can help in ensuring that further wrinkles will not appear. Lifestyle changes are also suggested as a help to the beneficial effect of these creams. This can be from reducing the amount of time spent in the sun and the use of alcohol and cigarettes. The diet also needs to be healthy and must include plenty of liquids especially water to keep the skin hydrated.

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