12 Tips For Accentuating Your Eyes With Eye Shadow

In the words of the song “accentuate the positive, don’t stress the negative” and this is so true when it comes to eye makeup.

Properly applied, it can hide those first signs of aging, add drama to your features and draw attention away from areas of your face you are not so happy with.

In short, eye makeup and the way you apply it can transform your look, find out how with our twelve simple steps. You may need a little practise but you will be glad you persevered!

Our 12 Top Tips!

choose the right eyeshadow

Choose the right eyeshadow for the color of your eyes and for the outfit you are wearing

  1. Use your normal foundation on your eye area before applying any eye makeup. If you are using concealer for dark, under eye circles, follow our tips on applying this correctly so that you get the perfect, even base to work on when you start with your eye shadow.
  2. A gentle touch when using your eye makeup brush is essential and you must blend your shades carefully to avoid an unnatural look.
  3. To achieve a more dramatic look, dipping your makeup brush into water, then wiping it once across a clean facial tissue before brushing it over your chosen eye shadow color will give a much more intense and dramatic effect when you apply this to your lids.
  4. Wear the right color shadow for your eyes and the outfit you are wearing. Remember that when you have a tan, some colors will suit you better than when you are paler.
  5. For Blue eyes, choose blues, grays, violet and taupe for a more natural look. For evening wear or more dramatic effect, add in silver, pink or turquoise tones.
  6. For green eyes, choose purples, plums, soft greens and browns for a more natural, daytime look. Dress it up in the evening with gold tones or brighter purple shades.
  7. For Brown eyes, choose soft coppers and browns or warm apricot tints with neutral beige or creamy colors. Up the intensity for evening wear, with golds, greens and deep blues.
  8. Whatever your eye color, most people look great with highlights of silver and base tones of dark blue or charcoal gray.
  9. Make your eyes look younger, brighter and more wide awake by applying a lighter colored shadow on the inner corner of the eye. This reflects light and deflects any attention from dark shadows.
  10. To make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful, use a light shade as described above on the inner corner of your eyes and accentuate with a darker toning or contrasting color on the central area of your upper eye lids.
  11. When using darker shadows, use these on the main part of your eyelid, from the lash line to the crease in your lid. Blend medium shades of shadow from just below this crease line, over the darker shadow and take it right up to the brow bone under your brows.
  12. The final step is to highlight by adding lighter or pearlescent shadow along the brow bone itself, gently blending this into the medium shadow so there is no line where the medium ends and the lighter color starts. Highlighting your brow bones in this way is a great way to accentuate the beauty of your eyes.
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Two more top tips!

Choose a palette like this one from Too Faced Cosmetics so that you have colors that match and are easy to blend together.

Get your eyeshadow from Amazon and take advantage of the huge range and big discounts!

Remember, practice makes perfect and once you have got the knack, it should only take you a few minutes to achieve the right effect. If you are spending longer than this, you are probably overdoing your makeup – especially for day-wear.

Correctly applied, eye makeup can dramatically improve your appearance so it is a good idea to practice until you get it right. If you are not sure what works for you, why not get a cosmetics lesson from an in-store beauty counter. These are usually free of charge and whilst you might be recommended to purchase specific items from the cosmetics range, you are under no obligation to do so. On the other hand, you might feel you look so gorgeous that it would be foolish to resist!

I hope our tips have given you some ideas for eye makeup application to enhance your eyes and if you are finding it more tricky than you thought to get it right, get a friend to help you – they will be flattered that you asked! Or alternatively, you could check out some of the online makeup lessons on video sites such as YouTube.

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