Under Eye Circles

under eye circlesEveryone dreads those obvious signs of aging: gray hair and wrinkles. However, the first sign of aging that creeps up on most of us, is neither of these, it is actually the under eye area that begins to lose its youthful appearance first! This could be puffiness and eye bags, or dark shadows and circles that appear due to too much work and stress and not enough sleep, or it could be those first lines that appear at the outer corners. Either way, we look in the mirror and realise that we are looking tired – and older than we want to!

Fortunately there are some effective ways to treat all these problems in order to minimize their appearance and achieve a fresher, more youthful appearance. On this site, you will find Home Remedies, information about effective treatments and unbiased product reviews.

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Four Changes that Will Make You Look Younger

Nobody wants to get older, and few people want to even look their actual age. While you can’t fight time and you are going to get older, that doesn’t mean that you have to look as old as you are. In fact, there are a variety of different things you can do to make yourself look younger, ranging from quick fixes you can do at home in just a couple of minutes to more permanent solutions that will keep you looking younger than you really are for years to come.

Choose Light Lipstick

lipsThe color of lipstick or lip gloss that you put on your lips makes a big difference when it comes to hold old you look, even to people that see you on a regular basis. Dark colored lipsticks tend to make your face look heavy, and while they might have been intriguing when you were young and didn’t have to worry about sagging skin and dark circles under your eyes, lighter shades are best if you’re worried about how old you look. Light colored lipstick or lip gloss has the opposite effect, working to brighten your face and make you look more youthful.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

moisturizerDry skin looks old, and wrinkles are much more visible if your skin is need of moisture. That’s why it’s really important for aging adults to use a high-quality moisturizer on their face and body. While you can get all sorts of expensive products, one of the best moisturizers for your body is quality extra virgin olive oil because it contains essential fatty acids. Olive oil might be a little too greasy for your face, however, so stick with a recommended facial moisturizer for aging skin.

Lasik Eye Surgery

pretty eyesGlasses can look amazing, but they can often make you look older as well. For those that want to toss their glasses there is always the option of contacts. While contacts will give you the same younger look, they won’t help you fell younger. Lasik eye surgery will make you feel young as well by giving you your sight back. Best of all there is no need to even own glasses. According to Utah lasik center, you will be able to wake up and see perfectly first thing in the morning.

Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgeryThe idea of cosmetic surgery scares a lot of people off, but there are few solutions that are as effective when it comes to looking younger than you really are. While it might seem like a scary idea, cosmetic surgery is safe, and a qualified cosmetic surgeon can work wonders with relatively little healing time and no scarring. Procedures like the eye tuck, which can help the focal point of the face look younger, and procedures like a face lift which can help get rid of wrinkles and loose skin around the cheeks and neck are ideal for people seeking a younger appearance. Best of all, you’ll look younger for years, and unlike that lipstick, it won’t come off at night.

This is a guest post by Annette Hazard who is a freelance blogger promoting Cataract Surgeon Salt Lake City. She enjoys writing about beauty, and is a mother of one.

Homemade Eye Masks That Help To Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

homemade eye masks

Use our homemade eye mask recipes to take away puffiness and restore the look of your under eye area

Nobody likes the look of swollen, puffy eyes. It makes you look sickly, worn out and even if you’re having a good hair day, your overall appearance takes a proverbial nosedive.

Good news though; there are several homemade eye masks that can help reduce under eye puffiness and not drain your bank account.

Knowledge is prevention, so let me share a few facts with you before dishing out the goods.

Your eyes are surrounded by a thin layer of skin that is very sensitive and rich with blood vessels. It’s no wonder that this area can be so easily affected by conditional changes. Many things can cause your under eye area to puff up, and with time the swelling will generally come down.

If you’re anything like me and patience isn’t one of the virtues you possess, stay tuned for my amazing DIY puff-reducing masks!

What Causes Under Eye Puffiness?

crying causes puffy eyes

Puffy eyes can be caused by crying

Several things can influence your eyes and cause them to swell up. Some of these things include allergies, fluid retention, changes in your hormones, stress and most commonly, when we cry.

When your body responds to one of these changes, an influx of blood flows to the eyes and causes them to swell. On the other hand, crying strains your eyes which is why inflammation occurs.

Obviously, things like allergies, hormonal changes and stress aren’t as easy to control as some other factors that play a leading role in eye swelling. Lack of sleep, excessive partying and sodium-rich diets are all precursors to puffy eyes by causing fluid retention within the body.

Sometimes we can’t help ourselves and we stay up a little too late and drink just a little too much wine. If you wake up in the morning and those puffy eyes cannot be avoided, here are three of my favourite homemade eye masks that can help to reduce that annoying under eye puffiness. Continue reading

How To Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles, Naturally

The holidays are always a busy time around my household. The days are usually filled with baking tasty treats, cooking up a storm and cleaning in preparation of house guests arriving.

mature woman looking in the mirror

If you have noticed dark circles under your eyes when you look in the mirror, we have some tips for you

Most nights are filled with good company, a few drinks and all that tasty food I prepared during the day. Time flies when you’re having fun and then you look up at the clock and realize it is well after midnight.

Looking in the mirror the next morning, I couldn’t help but be appalled by the dark circles below my eyes. As the holidays went on they got darker and darker. What was causing this, but more importantly, how the heck could I get rid of them?

Let’s break it down, shall we.

What Causes Under Eye Circles?

You would think that dark circles come from late nights or a restless sleep, but often times there are many other factors at play.


Sneezing and a stuffy nose may not be your only problem if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Nasal congestion can cause a back up of blood flow in the eye region which is where the dark coloration comes from.

You may also notice that your eyes swell and look puffy at this time; just another residual effect from Mother Nature to you during this already agonizing time.

The good news here is over-the-counter anti-histamines will probably clear you up right away. For serious congestion you could try nasal spray. If you are anything like me and spraying liquid up your nose isn’t for you then you aren’t going to like this next suggestion; the Neti Pot. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks to Remove Eye Makeup

The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive and nothing harms it more than a careless and rigorous make up removal routine. Puffy eyes, eye infections and premature wrinkle lines are some of the harmful effects of irresponsible make up removal techniques. While the majority among us love to apply makeup on our eyes, when it comes to its removal, either we get too lazy and sleep with make up on, or negligently wipe it off with strong soap, thus harming the delicate eye area.

tips for removing eye makeup

Removing eye makeup before sleeping at night is one of the most important and easy procedures if we use the right products. So, to help you with the information you need on the correct make removal techniques, here is our list of the best makeup removal products with directions for their application.

Best Eye Makeup Removal Products

  • VaselineThis product is low on cost and high on effectiveness. It is 100 percent petroleum jelly which apart from moisturizing your dry skin and lips, effectively and easily removes your eye makeup. Apply and spread a small amount of Vaseline around your eyes and then using a warm cloth, gently wipe it off. The make up sticks to the jelly and thus comes off with it. In addition, Vaseline can also be used to remove the glue used to stick false eye lashes. Apply it on the glue, leave it for 2-3 min and gently remove the lashes.
  • Olive oil: This is an excellent natural product which effectively and completely removes eye makeup. Dip a small cotton ball in olive oil and gently apply it on the makeup. Then take a clean cloth and gently wipe off the olive oil. It is another effective product that easily and effortlessly removes eyelash glue.
  • Cleansing creams: Though cleansers are generally used to clean and moisturize the skin, they can effectively remove the eye makeup as well. Use a cotton ball and gently wipe the makeup with the cleanser. Along with moisturizing your skin, it would effectively remove the makeup. A precaution here, wipe with soft hands as rigorous cleansing may harm your eye lashes and even pull them off.
  •  Makeup removing WipesYou can buy any of such wipes from a nearby cosmetic store. It does not require water or cloth. Simply use these wipes and they would effectively remove your eye or face makeup. Though they are a bit costlier than the natural products, but despite of that, they can be really useful especially while traveling.

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The New Fountain of Youth: Botox & Dermal Fillers

There is no feeling greater than looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful, youthful person smiling back at you. As we age though, we begin to notice that our skin changes as well. While these changes are natural and expected over time, it can greatly affect one’s self-esteem to slowly watch wrinkles and crease lines begin to crop up on a once flawless face. Men and women have been searching for a solution to aging skin for decades mow, and science has created a new sort of fountain of youth.

mature woman looking in the mirror

Botox and Dermal Fillers can help restore confidence as well as turning the clock back to a younger-looking you!

Looking seamlessly younger is no longer a myth, but instead a possibility with the use of Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane. Not only is it possible to turn back the clock with the use of these wonder products, but they also help to restore confidence. Sound too good, to be true? Well it isn’t! Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane offer an affordable and convenient option for helping to create and maintain a timeless appearance.

There are a variety of dermal fillers available, ranging from Juvederm to Restylane and each product offers the patient superb age defying results. Dermal fillers work by adding volume or plumpness to the deep lines and creases in the skin using substances that are naturally found in the skin. If you are suffering from under eye bags or dark circles that don’t go away, then Restylane or Juvederm could be the ideal solution.

How Does Botox Work and Who Can Benefit?

Botox is ideal for treating those pesky frown lines that can be found on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and even dreaded Crow’s Feet. For those seeking to abolish dynamic wrinkles which are caused by everyday facial muscle movements, Botox NYC is a popular treatment option. Botox works by freezing underlying muscles through the use of an FDA approved botulinum toxin type A.

After a few injections, which only take about 10 minutes on average, the patient is free to leave the doctor’s office and by week two of receiving the injections, the facial muscles will return to a fully relaxed state. Depending on the individual, results from Botox can last anywhere from 4 to 5 months. Botox has been proven to smooth and eliminate moderate to severe frown lines in patients aging from 18-65.

Different Dermal Filler Types Available

Other areas that are most commonly treated through the use of dermal fillers are the nasolabial folds near the mouth and in the lips. Dermal fillers are also the idea treatment option for those seeking to correct rhytides or scars. Continue reading